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  1. To our wonderful NLBM Members, This post is about Meet Fireside, and working with outside vendors in general. --- For those of you who are not yet members, you probably don’t have any context for this message, so I am reposting it with a little background: Once you are a member, we give you many resources to do your marketing (both online and offline) and we recently shared with our membership about an outside vendor that one of our members had been having great success with. Upon doing so, many of our members signed up with this outside vendor; some have had great results, and some have had not-so-great results. And so this message is in service of supporting our members (as well as you members-in-training) with working with outside vendors. To be clear for those of you who are not yet members: do not yet contact Meet Fireside (or any other digital marketing agency, for that matter) about working with you on your marketing yet. I initially intended this message to go just to our members, and made a mistake in the forum I posted it in, so I am wanting to be specific here that it is not yet time for you to hire a marketing agency. Until you have access to all of our marketing resources (and our support and strategic guidance to make the best possible investments of your resources), it is not the best use of your time, energy, attention and money to hire any marketing agency. It is in your best interest to stay focused on completing your program, your own plan, and serving your first two practice clients. Then, when you are ready for membership, you will have access to all of our marketing resources + the support you need to hire the additional implementation support you may want to get your message out into your community. You may or may not want to work with outside vendors in the future, when you are ready to market your services. If you are already working with outside vendors in other capacities, feel free to read on should that be of service to you. Otherwise, we encourage you to keep your focus and energetic investments on your next immediate steps -- your own plan + your two practice clients. --- For our members: First, in case this isn’t clear, I’m wanting to clarify that Meet Fireside is not an official NLBM service. We shared them with you as a resource after hearing about their great results for Pam, and vetting their price point against the small budgets you all shared you had and were willing to invest for online marketing. At $500/mo and a willingness to run very small ad budgets, they are the least expensive option out there, and a great way for you to learn what works, what doesn’t, test, and improve over time with least cost out of pocket. Now that so many of you are working with them, Ali and Bonnie have been donating their own time to work with Meet Fireside on your behalf as a gift to the membership and because they are so committed to your success and shortcutting your learning process. But they cannot eliminate your learning process. Having said all that, I’m aware that several of you have expressed some unhappiness in working with Meet Fireside, and I’m genuinely sorry that has been the case. We want nothing more than your success. I know Meet Fireside has been a fabulous and valuable resource for many of you as well, and do believe that is possible for the future, especially as Ali and Bonnie continue to work with them to support them in creating more systems + infrastructure to serve you all. Again, please note: Ali and Bonnie are doing this at no financial benefit to them or NLBM whatsoever, other than that we are always looking at how we can leverage economies of scale for you to lower your costs of learning and implementation. Given this, the intention of this post is to clearly communicate that: Meet Fireside is not an official partner of NLBM We cannot guarantee results from Meet Fireside If you do choose to move forward with Meet Fireside’s services, or even inquire about their services, we want to support you doing that in the best possible way and with proper expectations. There’s more to say on this, but for now, I want to offer that with all vendors you bring on, including Meet Fireside, it’s extremely important to understand what you are paying for, what’s reasonable and what to expect. For all that to be true, you need to ask tough, direct questions that support you in discerning if and how this vendor will be able to meet your needs. In this case, with Meet Fireside and other marketing vendors, good questions might include: What exactly does my monthly ad management fee cover? How do you choose which audiences to run my campaigns to? What do I need to have set up on my end to really benefit from your services? What systems and infrastructure do I need to have in place to take full advantage of your services? Will I have an opportunity to review campaigns before they are launched? Is there a deadline by which to get change requests to you? What percentage of the time do your campaigns launch on time? What happens if I have a campaign that does not launch on time? I heard “XYZ” about your services from others - what might you say in response to that? What kind of regular communication can I expect from your team? Should I expect any other costs? What happens if I’m unsatisfied with any campaigns or aspects of your service? Do you have a contract that outlines the expectations we’ve discussed? As always, if we can support you on this front or otherwise, please don’t hesitate to let us know. To your success, Allison Director of Member Services & Lead Coach
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