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  1. Thanks for letting us know, @Jill Gregory; I will make sure the right people on our team are notified.
  2. Hi @Leslie Sparks We have not yet rolled out the details, but I will add you to our list of folks interested!
  3. Tagging @Nara Callanan here as I believe she is in a similar situation with her clients and practice being in NY, while living in NJ. Perhaps she has some insight to share.
  4. Hello all, alas, our recording from our 2020.05.05 Zoom Call with Accelerator’s Bonnie Bowles is up and ready for review. In this training, Bonnie announces the merge of Accelerator with New Law Business Model, telling her story of how she integrated the New Law Business Model way into her practice and focused on streamlining her processes through automation. She shares how automated systems can support a lawyer’s practice, and introduces herself as the new Director of Digital Services and Product Strategist.
  5. Hi Carly, where do I upload my story? I wanted to get feedback from the community and NLBM team on my story but can't find the feed that I am supposed to put it in.  Please advise when you can.  Thanks so much! With Gratitude, Amber

    1. Carly Karpovage

      Carly Karpovage

      Hi Amber, 


      Great question. You are welcome to post your firm story here in the PFL General Discussion forum: https://www.newlawbusinessmodelcommunityforum.com/forums/forum/20-pfl-general-member-discussion/


      I will keep an eye out for your post!





  6. Hello Personal Family Lawyers and Family Business Lawyers, In case you missed it, or would like to review our March Member Coaching Call with Ali, you can find the recording and agenda in our Coaching Call Library. We had a great call packed with some great questions and fantastic coaching. We discussed the importance of a limited engagement letter to go along with Health Care Directives, hosting webinars and leveraging Zoom. We also dove into setting expectations for virtual meetings and best practices areound co counseling. Our next Member coaching Call is Thursday, May 14th. We look forward to continuing to supporting you to create the life and practice you love!
  7. Should you like to listen back to the above call you do so here in our LLBC Coaching Call Library. Just look for the call titled, 2020.04.02 Special Life & Legacy Planning Program COVID-19 Check In with Alexis Via Zoom. Members, your call will be found here: Coaching Call Library. Just look for the 2020.04.02 COVID-19 Check In with Alexis Thanks for joining us!
  8. @Kim Rockwood, I love that you are saying 'yes' to this. What would be of service to you? Receiving support here in the forum or on one of our upcoming group coaching calls? We have our member call tomorrow at 4 pm EST. Feel free to either respond here to have us hold a spot on the agenda, or feel free to raise your hand during the call for 1 on 1 support. Thanks for continuing to show up and leverage Ali and Jessica's coaching.
  9. Thanks for chiming in Stan, super helpful. @Marjorie Desmond, in addition to the feedback and resources above, have you checked out Notarize.com or this article: Remote Notarization: What You Need To Know?
  10. Thanks for the feedback, Angie. Happy you found it informative for both yourself and your audience.
  11. Hello Lawyers, Thank you all for joining us today for our face to face check in via Zoom! Was so wonderful to see all of your faces. We covered a lot of ground on today's call so I just wanted to circle back with some resource for you all. NOTE: Members, I have an update especially fo you here: Member Follow Up From Today's Zoom Check in with Ali Support For Your Virtual Practice Model: We have a few forum posts for you all to reference when it comes to building a virtual practice model and implementing virtual meetings. Please review the following for more insights: Bonnie's Training on Setting Up Her Virtual Office Ideas on Virtual Signing Ceremonies Zoom.us is a great platform that allows for virtual signing meetings that many of our lawyers are leveraging. There has been a lot of discussion around privacy on Zoom, so here are a few articles and tips we gathered for you all: Once a Zoom meeting starts you can lock the room by selecting the 'more' button at the bottom of the participant list on the right hand side of the screen. This will bring up a drop down menu with 'lock meeting' as the last option. Learn more about Zoom security here. Article: What is Zoombombing? How to stop trolls from crashing your video conference Article: Zoom Meeting Safeguards Article Zoom Rooms Customized Background Head over to www.Canva.com and create your virtual background To prepare to serve your clients virtually and in these uncertain times check out the guides that we created for you: Quick Action Guide to Take Your Law Practice Virtual: This guide will provide the perfect comprehensive breakdown of exactly how to navigate your transition in an easy to read and digestible plan of action format. How to Establish Yourself as An Expert and Leader In This Time of Crisis Without Seeming Opportunistic: Check out this guide and it’s incredible real world examples of what it looks like to assume the role of a leader in this unprecedented time. Additional Articles: The Coronavirus Has Americans Scrambling to Set Their Estate Plans. Here Are Some Key Things to Know. The Most Important Legal and Financial Actions to Take Right Now. Over 18? Why You Need Your Health Care Directive Updated Now for Coronavirus/Covid-19 Again, thank you all for showing up for yourselves, your families, each other and your communities. All of us here at New Law Business Model are here to support you to see important it is for you, your practice and your community right now. The NLBM Team
  12. Hello, Here are all of the resources we discussed on our first call today: Virtual Guide and found in the Member Hub here: https://memberhub.newlawbusinessmodel.com/resource-library/ Covid Funding For Your Practice Virtual Signing Forum Post:
  13. Hi @Sabrina Clark, glad you are finding the resources helpful. We have been having some dialogue here in the forum regarding notaries in specific states. Be sure to follow along here for Texas updates and connections to other members practicing in Texas.
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