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  1. Jill,


    Saw your post about testing positive for COVID. Hope you and your daughter have a speedy recovery!


    Thinking about you.



    1. Jill Gregory

      Jill Gregory

      Thank you Kim! We have recovered and are both fine. 


      But I feel like I am so behind!!

    2. Kim Rockwood

      Kim Rockwood

      So glad you're better! Take it easy with the backlog. I'm sure people understand. 🙂

  2. I will be on the member call today. I can raise my hand to discuss. 🙂 And Jessica, yes, look forward to chatting Tuesday!
  3. Hi @Ali Katz. I think I'd like to start doing this. @Jessica Seguin and I talked about it over a year ago and a few things have come up recently that have made me revisit this topic. Before I started doing estate planning, I was a litigator specializing in construction litigation. I had a handful of business owner clients (GC's and subs) who are still with me. They have almost all reached out to me the last 2 weeks. In a call with one of my clients on Monday, I remembered how much I love serving those guys. They are such a pleasure to work with. One side effect of this
  4. YES! I just read this from the email the Bar Pres sent out. Seems promising. I'm doing a signing next week - my first since all this (I've postponed my others). Client is an older lady who is adamant about wanting her HCD and POA done ASAP. I'm going to accommodate her, but be as safe as possible. Thanks for posting this, @Taylor Haley
  5. Thanks for this Taylor! This is what I'm leaning towards doing; I just need to find a notary and witnesses willing to do it with me. I have an office in a lawyers-only space sharing building and that's where I do my signings, but the employees (who serve as my notary and witnesses) are working from home right now. And - I haven't researched this yet but do you know what constitutes "presence" under the Miles case? It was decided in 2003 before tools like Zoom. And what about "personally appears" in the Sambor case? I know there was a bill pending in the state legislature to address
  6. The 1/11 article is not complete (only 2 of the instruments are discussed, not 4 as the title says). Is there a revised version? Thanks, Kim
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