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[For PFLs & FBLs Only] - SAVE THE DATE! Communication Skills Masterclasses

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[**NOTE - This is a post exclusively for our Personal Family Lawyers and Family Business Lawyers]



Hello lawyers we love,


I’m excited to let you know that we’re trying out something new for you, and that you’re invited along for the ride!


As you may already know, we had to cancel our September in-person training (the one we’ve been calling C4, which stands for Creating Connection through Conscious Communication). For those of you who are still interested in taking a deep dive in the art and skill of connection and communication, you may be glad to know that we’re brewing up something pretty awesome for you on that front (spoiler alert: it’s going to be a six week experiential course, delivered online, starting in January 2021). 


You’ll be hearing much more about our intensive six week training program designed just for you, our NLBM lawyers, in the coming weeks. But, it just seems too long to wait until January to find ways to continue supporting you in your ongoing development of your communication skills.


SO. This is where our something new comes in. 


We’re going to be offering a series of Masterclasses (a series of 3 classes, to be specific) that target some of the most important skills you need to learn (and eventually demonstrate a high level of competency in) to effortlessly attract and engage clients, build high performing teams, find more satisfaction in your personal life, and much more. 


AND, we are offering these Masterclasses completely free of charge.  This is our gift to you, our members, because we know that especially in practice areas like Estate Planning and Business Planning, the most important determinant of your success is if clients want to work with you. And, no surprise here, clients want to work with lawyers they feel connected to. 


The three Masterclass topics and dates are: 


- Monday, September 21st -->The Power of Setting Context

- Wednesday, September 23rd (replacing the standing Communication Skills for Increased Client Engagement coaching call) --> Curiosity, Assumptions & Owning Your Experience

- Friday, September 25th --> Introduction to Effective Speaking & Listening


All sessions will be from 9am - 11am PT / 12pm - 2pm ET. So if you know you want to be there for one session, two sessions, or all three (the sessions can stand alone so you do not need to have attended prior sessions to come to subsequent ones), go ahead and mark your calendars now! Additional details (including the zoom link to join) will be provided in the coming weeks. 


There is no need to register for these events, as you will be automatically registered like you would for any other group coaching call. And, like our other group coaching calls, recordings of these sessions will be made available if you can't attend live. 


As always, if you have any questions, you can reply here or email us at support@newlawbusinessmodel.com. 


To a life and business you love,




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