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LuAnne Hage

The July 2020 PFL and FBL Newsletters are ready for your use and available in Customer Hub

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Hi PFL & FBL members! 👋
As part of your membership with us, you'll find both PDF and DOC newsletter files for your convenience in CustomerHub. 
Haven't seen them yet?  Go and grab them.  We can even support you by providing customization and printing + mailing services.  Reach out to us at support@newlawbusinessmodel.com for special pricing. 
Doing it yourself? Look for the red arrows these indicate each area that requires your customization.
PFL's, you'll notice we tied the PFL special offer with the July Gain Freedom marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in  https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/july
PFL Offer: July is Freedom Month!
Since July is the month of Freedom, I want to help you enjoy the freedom of knowing your financial house is in order and your kids & money will be taken care of by the people you know and trust...no matter what! That is why I'm going to give the first 5 people who call my office a complimentary Family Wealth Planning Session™ (valued at $750) where I will make sure your kids and family are totally taken care of no matter what so you can have absolute peace of mind. Plus, you’ll receive a Family Financial Freedom Organizer to keep your financial house in order.
During this session, we review what you do or don’t have in place to ensure the well-being and care of everything you own and everyone you love, in the event something happens to you. If you have nothing in place now, we will discover whether the State’s plan for you is sufficient, and if it is not, we will design a plan to ensure things go exactly as you would want them to when something does happen. If you do have an existing plan, we will review whether it still reflects your current wishes, assets, and most up-to-date laws. Whether you need a new plan or not, just this process alone will get you more financially organized than ever before and will provide total peace of mind around what you need in order to ensure you’ve handled your personal affairs in the most loving way possible. Call today to schedule your Family Wealth Planning Session and you can have the freedom of mind of knowing you’ve done everything to plan for, and make life as good and easy as possible for those you love.
And for CBL/FBL's, you'll notice we tied the CBL special offer with the July Isn't It Time Your Business Provided You With The Freedom You Truly Desire? marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/mmc-cbl-july.
FBL Offer: Isn't It Time Your Business Provided You With the Freedom You Truly Desire?
Are you making mistakes right now in your business that are costing you valuable time, energy, attention and money? I am committed to ensuring you have the legal, insurance, financial and tax systems you need in place to LIFT your life and business to the level of freedom you truly desire! We have a unique process in place for identifying where you may have leaky boundaries, unclear expectations and missed opportunities that put you at risk as well as what needs to happen to give you the freedom you truly desire.
If you want to have more freedom in your business, make this the month you schedule yourself to meet with me for a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session. If you are one of the first 3 business owners to schedule during the month of July, I will waive your LIFT Business Breakthrough Session fee (a $500 value) as my gift to you and we will use the time to focus on how you can have the freedom you truly desire in your business.
"See" you again next month
The Team at New Law Business Model

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