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The June 2020 PFL and FBL Newsletters are ready for your use and available in Customer Hub

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Hi PFL & FBL members! 👋
As part of your membership with us, you'll find both PDF and DOC newsletter files for your convenience in CustomerHub. 
Haven't seen them yet?  Go and grab them.  We can even support you by providing customization and printing + mailing services.  Reach out to us at support@newlawbusinessmodel.com for special pricing. 
Doing it yourself? Look for the red arrows these indicate each area that requires your customization.
PFL's, you'll notice we tied the PFL special offer with the June Father's Day marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in  https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/june
PFL Offer: June is Dad's MONTH!
We're officially designating every day in June, Father’s Day! Here's how to show the man of your life how much you appreciate him....and....shhhhh, do it for free! 
One of the best ways for you to show your partner you love him and your family is to help put all of your family's financial ducks in a row and make sure your kids are taken care of by people you LOVE… no matter what! Sometimes men are resistant to coming in for a Family Wealth Planning Session but absolutely LOVE it after they’ve gone through it! Be one of the first 10 people to schedule a session this month, and in addition I’ll include a gift certificate good for a dinner for two from his favorite spot to celebrate, I will waive the regular $750 Planning Session fee. My Father’s Day Gift Has a Value of over $800 but Is worth much more to your family.
✔️ Note to PFL's: The PFL article has red arrows in the place where you may replace your own links. We recommend to create a covered link/masked URL that is shortened and easily entered in manually since this is a hard copy newsletter and can't be clicked on. If you need help, please let us know. 🙂 The offer in CustomerHub will appear different and if you choose to use the Marketing Campaign Offer, we recommend you update the language in light of current circumstances with COVID dining restrictions. 
And for CBL/FBL's, you'll notice we tied the CBL special offer with the June Could Your Business Use a LIFT? marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/mmc-cbl-june.
FBL Offer: Could Your Business Use a LIFT?
Most ordinary lawyers are reactive to problems that arise, focused on documenting transactions that have already taken place or brought in reactively when something happens – we, on the other hand, serve you proactively by understanding you and your business and how we can help you LIFT your life and business to the next level. We have a unique process in place for identifying where your business could be far more efficient, effective and ultimately enjoyable for you and your stakeholders, including team members, customers, clients and vendors. While you may not be used to hearing about these kinds of things from your lawyers, we aren’t traditional lawyers. We’re here to truly help you have the life and business you want. 
If you want to be more proactive in your business, make this the month you schedule yourself to meet with me for a LIFT Business Breakthrough Session and determine what mistakes you’re making right now that are costing you valuable time, energy, attention and money. If you are one of the first 3 business owners to schedule during the month of June, I will waive your LIFT Business Breakthrough Session fee (a $500 value) as my gift to you.
"See" you again next month
The Team at New Law Business Model
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Hi PFL lawyers!


Just a heads up, we’ve replaced the files for the Personal Family Lawyer newsletter due to a request for the secondary inside article to be replaced. Please find the new updated Word docs and PDF’s for both inside and outside in your Customer Hub: https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/car-monthly-pfl-newsletters-to-mail

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