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Join Alexis on Thursday for more guidance on practicing virtually

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I am posting on behalf of Alexis while she is on another training session for lawyers. Please see her message below and join her Thursday....




Hello lawyers I love! 


I was blown away by how you all rallied behind the Personal Resource Map training we offered yesterday.  It was such a success for those who attended and I am humbled and inspired by just how much people everywhere genuinely need and want this information and education. 


With over 1200 people registered for the event (and over 500 sent directly via our lawyer community), I am delighted that you took this opportunity to share the webinar with your communities, giving them the chance to be educated and informed on how to care for themselves, their families and their assets during this time.  


If you are a member who registered as an affiliate, we’ll be sending your Personal Resource Map Follow Up Kit this week, so watch your email for that.  It will include follow up sequences, your affiliate list and a recording of the webinar training.  


Whether you are a member or still going through the foundational Life & Legacy program, I hope that you attended to learn by watching how you too can educate your community virtually, and how much it is wanted right now.

Given what a topsy-turvy time this is, I want to continue to support you all in making this transition with your practice as smoothly as possible, so I have set aside time on Thursday April 2nd to check in with you all, see you face to face on zoom, and provide you extra guidance and support, and maybe just some basic encouragement that you CAN do this.  


For those in our Life & Legacy program (“the Bootcamp”), we’ll be meeting at 10:30am PT/11:30amMT/12:30pmCT/1:30pmET. 
You can join us on Zoom here:


For our members, we’ll be meeting at 11:30/12:30MT/1:30CT/2:30ET
You can join us on Zoom here:


Staying connected and in conversation about continuing to serve clients and step into leadership (which is so needed right now) as a trusted advisor in your community is something that IS possible during this time.  


All of us here at New Law Business Model are here to support you to see important it is for you, your practice and your community right now.  

I am doing these calls on Zoom so that we all have a chance to see one another and experience the ease of using this platform, so you can in turn, use it with prospects and clients.  


So join me this coming Thursday, and we can be together face to face.

See you there!

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Hi All!  


Please join Alexis today for the Zoom calls she is offering. 


At 10:30PT/11:30MT/12:30CT/1:30 ET, she'll touch base with those of you in the Life & Legacy program. https://zoom.us/j/663888528


At 11:30PT/12:30MT/1:30CT/2:30ET, she'll meet with our members. https://zoom.us/j/724949061


Our aim with these calls is to provide guidance, feedback and strategy on how best to move your practice forward and continue serving your communities during this time.   

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Here is an article on "Zoombombing"



How to lock a room:  Once a Zoom meeting starts you can lock the room by selecting the 'more' button at the bottom of the participant list on the right hand side of the screen. This will bring up a drop down menu with 'lock meeting' as the last option.

Here is a tutorial on generating a random room ID as well:  https://blink.ucsd.edu/technology/file-sharing/zoom/safeguards.html

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