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Hi Marjorie

TN passed that act July 1 of 2019.  I have qualified my CSD as a RON.  Like AZ you have to provide the SOS with who your Vendor is (the one who provides the platform.)  We use a group called SigniX.  They are in Chattanooga but I do not know if they are TN only.  Most of them can do it for anyone.  The cost is $250 per notary per year and there was a $75 SOS fee.  I decided to try it; if we use it alot I will renew; if not, we won't.  SigniX platform also allows for remote witnessing which was a plus.


There is other good news.  My rep told me that I can get a discount for 10 or more notaries.  I will be sure to hire 9 more so I can get 10% off.



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Hi all!


I received this e-mail from ElderCounsel a bit ago, thought it might be helpful to this discussion


Dear Alexandra,

How to get important estate planning documents signed during the COVID-19 pandemic has been a question many attorneys are asking. The answer is very state specific. Many states have passed Executive Orders or Proclamations allow for remote witnessing and/or remote notarization.

We’ve been compiling each state's orders for several weeks now and have creatEmergency orders chart witness and notary info.pdfed a chart to serve a quick guide as to whether your state allows for remote witnessing for wills and/or trusts, and whether your state allows for remote notarization for wills and/or trusts. Only states that have issued Orders or Proclamations that address remote witnessing or notarization are included on the chart.


Download Emergency Orders Chart with Witness and Notary Information Now


If you have additional information about your state and it is not included on our chart, please let us know by emailing education@eldercounsel.com.

We hope you find this helpful, and we thank all of you who have helped us by providing state specific Orders. We wish you all good health!

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