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The August PFL, CBL and FBL Newsletters are ready for your use and available in Customer Hub

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Hi PFL/CBL/FBL members!
As part of your membership with us, you'll find both PDF and DOC newsletter files for your convenience in CustomerHub. 
Haven't seen them yet?  Go and grab them.  We can even support you by providing customization and printing + mailing services.  Reach out to us at support@newlawbusinessmodel.com for special pricing. 
Doing it yourself? Look for the red arrows these indicate each area that requires your customization.
PFL's, you'll notice we tied the PFL special offer with the August's "Back to School" marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in  https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/august
Offer: Back to School
To make sure your kids are not taken into the care of strangers, even for a minute, you must set up a Comprehensive Kids Protection Plan. And you must put in place a well-considered estate plan that ensures your assets are immediately and privately available to your loved ones—and usually, a simple will is simply not good enough. When you and your parenting partner meet with us for a Family Wealth Planning Session, you will choose the right guardians for your kids and avoid making any of the 6 common mistakes most families (and even regular lawyers) make when naming legal guardians. Be one of the first 5 to schedule in August and we’ll waive our regular $750 planning session fee. Plus, you’ll take home a free SmartID Stick, which electronically stores your children's essential information. Put it in their school backpack and know they will always be taken care of by people you love.
And for CBL/FBL's, you'll notice we tied the CBL special offer with the August's "Do You Need to Go Back to School to LIFT Your Life and Business to the Next Level?" marketing campaign found in your CustomerHub resources. To learn more about this campaign, visit the Marketing Campaigns section in https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/mmc-cbl-august.
Offer: Do You Need to Go Back to School to LIFT Your Life and Business to the Next Level?
During this August, back to school month, come in for a LIFT Your Life and Business Planning Session (a $500 value) as my gift to you and I’ll give you a personal education on the Legal, Insurance, Financial and Tax Systems you need to LIFT Your Life and Business to the Next Level. If you are one of the first 3 business owners to schedule during the month of August, I will waive your LIFT Your Life and Business to the Next Level Session fee and we will use the time to focus on how you can have the freedom you truly desire in your business.
Note to FBL's: We have started to format your newsletter a bit differently to include both business and estate planning topics so that your business owner audience also receives information important to their estate planning needs. The offer and Q&A will also cater towards the business audience. If your audience is more families and doesn't include business owners, you can still utilize the PFL newsletter and just change the logos to FBL, which is how the FBL newsletters have traditionally been formatted. Let us know how you like this change and if this is helpful to your audiences.
"See" you again next month 🙂
The Team at New Law Business Model
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2 minutes ago, Lindsey Walker said:

Hi Todd,


You can find the SmartID Sticks here: http://pflwebstore.com/pfl-and-fbl-resources/giveaways/

Thanks, still confused though. What are we to put on the thumb-drive to make it an "SmartD Stick" and not a blank thumb-drive. I'm sorry if I am missing something here and asking a dumb question.

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Hi Todd,


So you will make electronic copies of your clients' documents, including their Family Wealth Legacy Interview after their second meeting. 

-Alexis covers what to put in here and when to do it in EPBC Mod 6 "What's In a Plan" https://newlawbusinessmodel.customerhub.net/epbc-module-6 


In this particular offer it points to kids, and the KPP and with the Kids Protection Plan drafting system - You can prepare a family emergency ID card that they're actually going to take out and keep in their wallet if they have minor children at home.  If they don't have minor children at home, you might have a version of this that you've created with DocuBank that lets people know where to find their documents if anything happens to them.  And then this is an electronic copy of their documents. That's why you're not going to deliver the plan or send the plan after the second meeting.  Instead what you're going to do after the signing, you're going to scan all of the documents in to your system and burn the final documents to a CD or a USB drive. Most of us today are using USB drives.


Hope that helps!

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Ok, I guess I misunderstood the offer. Because the offer makes it sound like they leave the FWPS with this SmartID Stick whether or not they engage the firm for an estate plan (like past offers that have included a gift certificate for dinner). I will have to rewrite the offer to make this more clear or come up with some other gift for them.

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