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New Law Business Model


  1. Announcements from Alexis & Team

    This forum is designed for the New Law Business Model Team to pass on announcements to the NLBM Community.

  2. Enneagram Discussion

    Share with us your Enneagram type results and how you can see it has impacted you in the past and what you can do differently moving forward.

  3. Kolbe Discussion

    As you learned in Module 1 of the Life & Legacy Curriculum, within the Kolbe system, there are 4 action modes: 1) Fact-finder, 2) Follow-through, 3) Quickstart, and 4) Implementer. And knowing how you operate w/in these 4 action modes will help you get to know your mind, how it works best, and the types of people you need to hire to support you. Once you take the Kolbe test, which we give you resources for in the course materials,  share your results and discuss how best to dive into the rest of the program based on how you work best.

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